Interview. To introduce you to the guests who regularly visit Taalcafé, we are starting a series of interviews. The purpose of this is that you, also through these interviews, get to know the non-native speaker better and see what motivates them to come regularly to the Taalcafé.

We aim to add a new interview to this series every month. Of course, all these gems will be kept on our site for the future. Of course we are open to suggestions for an interview. Do you know someone with an interesting story that fits within this series? Let us know. In time, this series can also be read on our Facebook page.

Given the nature of the Taalhuis and the vulnerability of people or situations, we will change or omit names of those involved where the situation requires this. A photo accompanying an article is of course welcome, but not always desired or necessary.

Anyone who speaks a foreign language can freely enter our Taalcafé without any obligations. We also talk to each other in the Dutch language. Just to practice a little. Just to get to know the language. And the talking point? Of course that goes without saying! In these interviews, we let a number of foreign speakers speak, who managed to find the Taalcafé and use this opportunity.

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